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SGM Placements and Personnel Services provide recruitment solutions to our clients from entry-level to top-level positions. Our services are tailor-made to suit the business requirements of our clients. We chalk out specific strategies to ensure the availability of quality personnel on the required date.

Recruitment Process
  • Our processes are well defined and systematic.
  • Resume Validation
  • Personal & Telephonic meetings
  • Preparing of a skill profile
  • Matching the profiles
  • Conveying the requirement to candidates & obtaining their concurrence
  • Coordinating interviews & ensuring candidates join on due date
Permanent Staffing
SGM Placements provide permanent staff for junior and middle level positions through our databank, job portals and executive search.
Executive Search
We conduct specialized recruitment assignments based on clear understanding of the job specifications, organization culture and other attributes. These assignments comprise of resume validation by way of preliminary interviews and reference checks prior to the presentation of shortlisted candidates to the client.
We conduct very specialized headhunting projects for top notch professionals from the competitors of the client and induce them to join our client organization.
Turnkey Solutions
We also undertake specific turnkey solutions to fulfill all the positions of the client as per their specifications and budget.


SGM Placements and Personnel Services assist clients with their staffing requirements by providing flexible staffing options. This helps our clients to employ an optimal number of personnel at a reasonable cost.

We work together with our client in hiring temporary employees, fixed-term contract employees, and contract-to-hire employees and take on the selected personnel on our payroll.

SGM Placements take full responsibility for all the employment and non-employment issues of such employees. All the necessary statutory benefits are given to those employees and full compliance of all the statutes is complied with. We have a PF code, PT number, ESIC code, and Service Tax number as we are registered with these Government Organizations.

We offer the following options to give flexibility to the client to increase or decrease the workforce as per their business requirement.

Temporary Employees
For temporary increase in work, our temporary staffing solutions provide temporary employees. Temporary employees allow the client to increase or decrease the workforce as per the exigencies of business.
Fixed-Term Contract Employees
Our fixed-term contract employee services enable our client to fill short-term requirements to execute fixed-term projects.
Contract to Hire Employees
Our contract to hire employee services gives our client the benefit of evaluating the employees performance on the job and then decide whether the employee is suitable for that position. Such employees can be hired as permanent employees once the contract period is completed.